O.M.E.N Investigations Review

O.M.E.N Investigations is a delightful romp through the world with Annabelle, Martin and Koala, searching out weird and supernatural crimes and mysteries. Annabelle is a southern belle who can cut you down with a gun quicker than you can say “Oh bless your heart”. Koala is a crazy Australian who WILL steal your face and […]

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The Ordinary Epic Review by Allan

The Ordinary Epic is an extraordinary podcast about a group of friends who gather together to play some D&D. Now its not your standard listen to people adventure type pods, instead it gives a slightly exaggerated expose of the characters that play the characters. Not just the good sides too. Infact there was a whole […]

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Witchever Path Review

Witchever Path Review  Witchever Path is an audiodrama with a unique twist I’ll get to in a minute. It’s a freaky/horror vibe with a wonderful drop of thriller creepsville. The story would be wonderful on its own but what makes this audiodrama really stand out is that the audience has an effect on the story. […]

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Going West Podcast Review

We Going West Review  Going West is a true crime podcast hosted by Daphne and Heath. It’s a relatively new podcast with 14 eps so it’s easily bingeable in a short period of time. The pair cover everything from murders to disappearances and mysteries.  Going West is an interesting and engaging look at true crime. […]

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Moonbase Theta, Out Review

Moonbase Theta, Out  Moonbase Theta, Out is a sci fi audiofiction that has nearly finished its first season. It is based in the year 2098 and is a series of recordings coming from the communications officer, Roger, as the base on the moon is slowly shut down. It has become unprofitable so most of the […]

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Days of my Life Podcast Review

Days of my Life This podcast weaves the author’s, Aiden, life stories in between with historical events. The episode I listened to detailed some events in the 90s, when Tony Blair was prime minister and everything seemed to be going in the right direction.  The author has a very good sense of self, able to […]

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The Cult of Domesticity Review

The Cult of Domesticity Review  The Cult of Domesticity is a collection of topics such as history, true crime,  philosophy and just general intellectual stuff. So you can go from Anne Boleyn to learning about Audrey Hepburn’s life behind the camera. The show is hosted by Courtney who does a lot of research for each […]

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The Lucky Die Review

The Lucky Die Review The Lucky Die is a 5th edition actual play dnd podcast like you’ve never heard before. First to introduce everyone, the DM (Dungeon Master) is Volonda, and there are three characters – Balance played by Arch, Zaltanna played by Casey and Rhal’Jakk played by Neil (who also does the editing). The […]

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Shadows of Pindus Review

Shadows of Pindus  This is an dnd actual play podcast. It can be followed by beginners who don’t know how to play the game. It won’t necessarily teach you how to play the game but it is easy to follow the story line without knowing how to play.  Shadows of Pindus is an urban fantasy […]

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