The Lucky Die Review


The Lucky Die Review

The Lucky Die is a 5th edition actual play dnd podcast like you’ve never heard before. First to introduce everyone, the DM (Dungeon Master) is Volonda, and there are three characters – Balance played by Arch, Zaltanna played by Casey and Rhal’Jakk played by Neil (who also does the editing). The setting is in the world of Bikron on the continent of Diskora, and begins with our three unlikely heroes locked up in jail. And that’s what I mean by this being a different podcast to the usual DnD podcast. Who starts a podcast with their characters in jail for murder?! The Lucky Die. And I am HERE for it! Murderers!! Can we get behind them? Of COURSE we can because they are the most loveable murderers you ever will meet. And are they really murderers at all? That’s for you to find out!!

We begin on a normal day in the jail, doing jail things, until the news comes down that the political situation has changed in the city, meaning that all murderers in our characters class are to be executed. ASAP which in this case means tomorrow. Now let’s stop for a second. The show has been going for 20 minutes and they characters are going to be hanged. The Lucky Die goes from 0 to 100 in one episode. It hooks you straight away and will make you binge with all you’re worth. Of course our characters don’t die in the second episode, the apocalypse begins instead! So we go from 100 to 1000 by the second episode. And that’s all the plot I’m going to give you because I don’t want to spoil any more of the plot. 

The DM, Volonda, is one of the most amazing DM’s I’ve ever heard play. In case you didn’t know the DM is the person who sets up the game, the plot and introduces the characters and plays any characters who the main characters interact with (NPCs), so she does all sorts of accents and things of that sort.  She organised the dungeons, puzzles, enemies and everything about the game except how the characters react. And Volonda does it excellently, with grace, imagination, cleverness and a touch of humour. Her characters are always fun to listen to, her accents are wonderful and her improvisation is exceptional. 

The improvisation of all the characters is exceptional though. The podcast as a whole can almost be seen as an audio drama because of how smoothly the players play the game and improvise their way through the options. Balance is an elf who once was royalty and has a lot of magic up his sleeve. He is quick witted and always has a trick or an interesting work around for problems. His problem solving skills are excellent. He’s quite cheeky too which is a very loveable characteristic. He learns to let people in as the game progresses, he has a wonderful character arc of becoming both more trustworthy and trusting. He is determined in his mission and nothing can stop him. 

Zaltanna is a gruff dwarf who talks tough and IS tough, amazingly tough but she secretly has the sweetest heart. She is religious which slowly transforms over the episodes. Her religion is her moral compass, which helps in fights and in life. Zaltanna lost her wife so she carries a deep wound in her and this is shown through her anger at the world. But the apocalypse and the mission that the three characters are sent on helps to narrow this anger and her religiousness saves her from making silly mistakes. She has a mission and she feels closer to her god because of it. Her story arc is a very interesting one and she has a very sharp twist which I won’t go into because it will ruin the shock but it is HUGE and amazing and made me so happy. 

Rhal’Jakk or Rhal is a dragon born who is sick. He makes acid in his body and he can spit acid. But when the acid becomes too much he can become impaired. He left his hometown with his wife because the dragon born do not take care of the sick. Rhal is a very calm character, he has to be because if he gets too worked up he runs the risk of passing out because of the acid. His wife is dead and he was very depressed before going on the adventure with Balance and Zaltanna. Rhal is an absolutely adorable, loveable, wonderful character. I just want to give him a huge hug and tell him everything will be ok. His character arc is interesting as he learns to trust more people outside of himself. 

This DnD podcast is special in that it hardly runs like a game, it’s so smooth it’s almost like a scripted audio drama. Only with the added excitement of a dice roll. Will they succeed in stopping the apocalypse? It’s up to the dice. But you forget that as you’re listening and I would recommend this podcast to anyone but especially anyone who is a beginner to DnD and wants to know more about it or for those who love audio dramas and want to listen to a kick ass story. 

They are also starting a second story arc from people who are on the other continent, Keno. There is a uneasy peace between Keno and Diskora and there are many races in Keno who are not allowed on Diskora, and if they are discovered to be there a war will start again. This arc will be available for Patreons first. I was lucky enough to be able to listen to the first two episodes and I’m excited by getting a glimpse into Keno. The characters were different and the storyline is very interesting. As far as I’m aware the episodes will be available to the main feed at the end of the month and Patreons will get early access. 

Overall The Lucky Die is amazing, all the characters are so well played and the DM is wonderful. I would recommend this to anyone except it is a bit violent so maybe not so much for the little kids. But everyone else it’s a free for all. Check it out and join in the fun and heartache. There’s always heartache of course. But it’s worth it. 

5/5 apocalyptic candies

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